Guest post by Peter Imanuelsen, more commonly known as PeterSweden

As reported on earlier at The Gateway Pundit, a journalist who has worked for Swedish mainstream media was arrested by police with a powerful bomb.

Unsurprisingly the story has barely been reported on in international media, with The Gateway Pundit being the only news site covering this internationally.

However, big tech censorship has been enforced, with Facebook now blocking the article from being posted. Users are seeing various messages when trying to post the link on the social media site. Some users are seeing messages saying the post is “blocked content”, whereas others simply are getting error messages.

Just earlier this year, Facebook announced more political censorship on their platform.

Since the original article on The Gateway Pundit, more information about the suspect has been revealed. In 2013, four masked men armed with automatic weapons robbed a jewellery story in Sweden. Elife Demir, the bomb suspect was close friends with one of the robbers who died after being shot by police. In a facebook post she called him “our captain” and “our big brother”, and organized an event in protest of the police, writing anti-police sentiments on facebook. She has also posted many gangster related photos on her social media.

She has also written anti-Trump articles for one of Sweden’s largest newspapers Aftonbladet about how the President “wasn’t welcome in the United Kingdom”.


In addition, she has been spreading anti-Israel and anti-semitic propaganda on her facebook page, encouraging people to boycott shopping malls in Sweden that are owned by an Israeli owned company called CityCon. A user replied to her post with the word “IsraHell”, which the bomb suspect then gave a thumbs up on facebook.

In other facebook posts she has written anti-racist and anti-fascist statements and praised the leader of the former Communist party in Sweden.