Posted BY: Raymond Ibrahim

More evidence of how social media works to promote Islamic radicalization — while suppressing its victims — recently emerged.  According to a Feb. 20, 2023 report, “bombshell findings” by the Tech Transparency Project (TTP) allege that

Facebook created over 100 pages for ISIS (Islamic State), as well as pages for other terror organizations, including the group behind the 9/11 attacks on the U.S., Al-Qaeda.

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TTP reported that Facebook creates the pages based on its algorithm, automatically generating them when users add the terror groups to their profiles. The platform’s so-called ban on the groups apparently did little to prevent the automatic process that generated the terror group pages.

“Some of these automatically generated pages have been living on Facebook for years, racking up likes and posts with terrorist propaganda and imagery,” reported the Jerusalem Post in its coverage of the TTP’s findings. “The company could potentially be held responsible for these pages as Facebook not just hosting but actually creating them.”

This is only the latest chapter in Facebook’s struggles to keep hate off its platform.

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