Source: Christopher Chantrill

If God had decided to teach liberals a lesson about Charles Murray’s latest book Facing Reality: Two Truths About Race in America published June 15, He might, after review, say this:

Dear liberals: racial groups really do differ in intelligence and in violent crime, and it ain’t systemic racism.

And yes, liberals, IQ tests accurately predict educational and job performance. Because “science is real.”

And yes, liberals, if you are going to implement racial quotas all the way up to corporate CEOs, then you got trouble, right here in River City.

Not that God’s Word will make a blind bit of difference. Race is everything to liberals because race politics is the “political formula” of our ruling class, the moral and legal argument it uses to justify its power.

This political formula is best expressed by Matt Taibbi’s explanation of “antiracism.”

It sees the human being as locked into one of three categories: members of oppressed groups, allies, and white oppressors.

Yes, I know. Every word is a lie, for the “allies” are the ruling class; the “oppressed peoples” are really the Little Darlings of the ruling class; and the “white oppressors” are ordinary middle-class schmucks who just want to drive a truck, go to work, and grill meat on the barbecue. But Racism!

A ruling class believes — has to believe — its political formula. Our proof is our ruling class’s serial rejection of Charles Murray’s books. Go back and read the 1985 NYT review of Murray’s Losing Ground. The Great Society was a total failure, you say?

That proposition may be as deeply flawed as it is startling, unlikely to survive scrutiny.

Then the NYT said in 1994 that Murray’s The Bell Curve might be “partly right” about race and IQ but then changed its mind and called it “flame-throwing.” Then in Coming Apart: The State of White America 1960-2010 the NYT 2012 reviewer allowed as how the book was “hardly a flattering portrait of white people.” (It wasn’t meant to be, cupcake.)

The ruling class will never listen to Murray’s lessons about race. Our ruling class lives and dies on teaching us a lesson about race, the Three Theses that:

  1. Slavery is America’s founding sin.
  2. It was liberals that fought Jim Crow.
  3. Liberals are the thin woke line fighting systemic racism.

Oh yeah. Civil rights is the biggest thing in all history: all hail our godly liberals.

Here are my Three Theses: call it a Critical Theory of Abolition:

  1. We abolished slavery because slavery Does Not Pay.
  2. We abolished racism because racism Does Not Pay.
  3. We will abolish liberal race politics because wokism Does Not Pay.

How do you like them apples, liberals? I know: it cannot be, it must not be, that everything in the world is the work of bean counters. What about the glorious “activists?” What about Martin Luther King, Jr.? What about smart Jewish kid Freedom Riders

Hey liberals, let me teach you a lesson, a Critical Narrative of American history, starting with Squanto, a Patuxet Indian enslaved by a Brit and then sold in Malaga, Spain.

Squanto was bought and freed by monks so they could teach him a lesson about Christianity. Then he returned to America just in time to teach the pilgrims a lesson in North American agriculture. Then the pilgrims started teaching the Indian tribes a lesson in colonial domination until it was time to teach the French a lesson about Anglo-Saxon supremacy in the French and Indian War. Next, it was time to teach the Brits a mostly peaceful lesson about taxation without representation and then teach a severe lesson to insurrectionists in the Whiskey Rebellion.

Pretty soon it was time for Northerners to teach Southerners a lesson about Marching Through Georgia, and then time to teach farmers a lesson about getting into debt during a deflation. J.P. Morgan taught Americans a lesson in how to deal with a big market crash in 1908. President Roosevelt taught America a lesson in how to screw up the U.S. economy for eight years until it was time to teach Germany and Japan a lesson about who’s boss around here. But pretty quick the U.S. decided to teach the Soviet Union a lesson, and Germany and Japan could help(!).

In 1963 America decided to teach Vietnam a lesson and then, in 1964, the most miraculous event in all history when liberals taught Jim Crow a lesson about race. Next, the Baby Boomers decided to teach their elders a lesson and President Nixon decided to teach the gold standard a lesson. Then-President Carter taught us a lesson about “stagflation.” I could go on — all the way to liberals teaching us a lesson about “winning” an election in 2020.

But don’t you dare teach liberals a lesson, Charles Murray. They are the ruling class and don’t you forget it, peasant.