Source: WND

With the crucial midterm elections drawing closer, dirty tricks are ramping up as liberals try to avert what is widely forecast to be a Republican surge at the polls.

As reported by CheckYourFact, a new scam was aimed at keeping supporters of former President Donald Trump from voting.

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According to CheckYourFact, the statement “appeared to originate” from the Twitter account “@HalfwayPost,”which describes itself as “dada journalism, satire & liberal comedy.”

The post sought to copy Trump’s language while also trying to minimize turnout.

“If the tough and freedom-loving candidates I’ve endorsed for Congress lose their primaries this summer, I invite all the Great MAGA Patriots to BOYCOTT the midterm elections in November,” the phony statement read.

CheckYourFact noted that the comment and an image with it were “digitally fabricated. There is no record of Trump making such a statement.”

One Twitter user who spread it was Mike Madrid, co-founder of the scandal-plagued, anti-Trump the Lincoln Project.