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On Thursday evening, far-left MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell reacted to President Trump’s Oval Office address, stating that more people were dying because of him.

“More people are dead and dying in America tonight because Donald Trump is president,” he falsely claimed.

“The most incompetent and uninformed president in history has led the federal government into the worst emergency response to a pandemic that we have ever seen in this country,” O’Donnell falsely claimed. “One of our guests will tell us that it’s one of the worst responses by any government in the world today. More people are sick in American tonight, because Donald Trump is president.”

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“More people are dead and dying in America tonight because Donald Trump is president,” he continued. “More people are losing more of their life savings and retirement accounts because Donald Trump is president as we will discuss in this hour. The president’s ten-minute speech from the Oval Office last night provoked more loss of stock market value, which is to say, retirement funds, than any other speech by any other president in history. If Donald Trump had just said nothing last night, where would we be today?”

CNN seemed to agree with O’Donnell considering they said: “Let’s start with the big idea in Trump’s speech: Temporarily stopping Europeans from traveling to the United States. It fits with the xenophobic nature of Trump’s statement: ‘This is the most aggressive and comprehensive effort to confront a foreign virus in modern history.’ But the reality is that this won’t solve any of the key issues presented by the crisis … Banning travelers from Europe is a feel-good measure that will have scant effect on the virus’s transmission within our borders.”

President Trump is screwed if he does, screwed if he doesn’t. If the President did not enforce travel bans, the media would hammer him for not doing enough. When he does enact travel bans to lessen the flow of those with the virus, they label him a racist.

Despite the media’s all out hysteria, President Trump’s travel ban was clearly the right thing to do. Check out what ABC News reported:

Two of the nation’s top public health experts told Congress Thursday they found the case for President Donald Trump’s new travel ban on much of Europe compelling when questioned by lawmakers about the administration’s response to the novel coronavirus.Dr. Anthony Fauci, the widely-respected director the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Robert Redfield, appeared before the House Oversight Committee for a second day of questioning Thursday and backed President Trump’s travel ban from much of Europe.

Redfield said, “The real risk in general right now and this is why the president took the action he did last night within the world now over 70 percent of the new cases are linked to Europe. Europe is the new China, and that’s why the president made those statements.”

After Dr. Fauci was asked if the travel ban would reduce the spread of the coronavirus, he said, “A firm yes. Because if you look at the numbers it’s very clear that 70 percent of new infections in world are coming from that region, from Europe. Of the 35 or more states that have infections, 30 of them now, most recently, have gotten them from a travel related case from that region. It was pretty compelling that we needed to turn off the source from that region.”

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