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The scientists guiding our COVID response have been exposed as driven by politics, not science. Dr. Fauci says that attacks on him are attacks on science. We are supposed to believe that persons that cloak themselves with science are infallible and honest. Really?

If one of their fellow scientists departs from orthodoxy, scientists sign petitions denouncing him.  That happened to Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale because he dared to suggest that hydroxychloroquine might be useful for treating COVID.  

Given the COVID example, it is now not so incredible to think that the scientists promoting global warming have ulterior motives. The Texas A&M University atmospheric sciences faculty sign a loyalty oath to global warming. The editor of the academic journal Remote Sensing was forced to resign because he published a perfectly legitimate paper critical of climate models. Cancel culture is strong among the global warming scientists. Every effort is made to cancel dissenters. There is no such thing as an early career scientist skeptical concerning global warming. He could never get a job, even if somehow he could get his Ph.D.  This is not because the science is solid. It’s because orthodoxy is ruthlessly enforced to protect the career interests of the global warming establishment.

In case you are wondering, the name “global warming” was changed to “climate change” because the globe wasn’t warming. The climate is always changing, so the advocates can claim that normal variation is proof of climate change.

Global warming has been thoroughly exposed as a fraud by many authors including highly qualified atmospheric scientists. Yet global warming is still a canonic belief in influential circles. The president wants to greatly expand the development of wind and solar energy in order to prevent global warming. Even if one accepts the junk science of global warming, according to the tenets of global warming theory, wind and solar are completely ineffective for preventing the imaginary crisis. Straight forward computation shows that wind and solar, exclusive of subsidies, cost 5-10 times more than the natural gas energy they displace. Only gas usage is displaced. The gas generating plants must remain, fully staffed, ready to spring into operation when sun or wind is deficient.

Large woke organizations, like universities or big companies, lack morals. IBM  participated in the Nazi Holocaust, providing punched card accounting to keep track of Jews. The elite universities, our science churches, continue their long history of racial and ethnic discrimination. Harvard formerly restricted Jewish enrollment. Now Harvard restricts Asian enrollment while favoring blacks. When the Georgia legislature passed a completely reasonable law to minimize vote cheating, the left, realizing that the law would interfere with vote cheating, denounced the law as racist. Delta airlines piled on, throwing its support to vote cheating.

President Dwight Eisenhower in his 1961 farewell address predicted the corruption of science that we are now experiencing:

“The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present and is gravely to be regarded.

Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.”

Today the scientific-technological elite makes up crises in order to prime the federal money pump.

Those who lie and make up crises in order to improve their prospects have long been annoyed by independent thinkers on the Internet. Now the Internet monopolies have been recruited to enforce a deadening orthodoxy. Apparently, Google, Apple, Twitter, and others are dominated by shallow thinkers who assume because they are rich, they must be smart. They had to back off on the orthodoxy that the COVID virus did not originate in a Chinese lab because the opposite became obvious. They still enforce the orthodoxy that the 2020 election was fair, without extensive vote cheating. Anyone suggesting that the crime problem of black youth is not caused by police is denounced as a racist and banned on the Internet. We live in an age where an elite subscribing to a woke religion mobilizes their power and money to crush anyone contradicting their lies

The Biden administration has thrown open the borders in order to welcome millions of illegal immigrants. The objective is to provide new left-leaning voters and to crush the American working class with low-wage competition. It is the working class that votes Republican and that is the main obstacle to the complete domination of the country by the neo-Marxist woke elite. The working class, lacking a college “education,” is the last bastion of clear thinking.

The establishment media and federal law enforcement agencies have come to resemble their Chinese counterparts. Criminal behavior by their friends is ignored while their enemies are ruthlessly persecuted on trumped-up charges. Compare the repeated fake claims of criminality against President Trump and his family to the pass given to Biden and his son, long on the communist payroll.

Large American institutions, for example, Apple or the National Basketball Association, are beholden to the Chinese government. Employees of these organizations, and many others, are effectively prohibited from criticizing China.

Trump’s election was a reaction against the woke elite and his subsequent “defeat” was engineered by the elite using suppression of news favorable to the Republicans and by extensive outright vote cheating. They are using every device from the incitement of race hatred to the welcoming of criminality in order to hold on to power. There is plenty of resistance in the red states and in the nonestablishment media. The woke elite are proceeding cautiously in order not to catalyze the resistance. Their objective is to neutralize the opposition through the use of fear and by marginalizing, if not imprisoning, the leaders of the resistance.

There are many private organizations that are fighting against the looming tyranny. They need and deserve our support. Some of my favorites are the American Thinker, Turning Point, Prager U, the National Association of Scholars, the CO2 Coalition, and the Heritage Foundation. Contributions to these organizations and many others are critical to the survival of our free society.

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