Active Alert June 26, 2021 to Monday July 5, 2021

Source: Nworeport

The Arizona Audit officially completed both the hand count and paper evaluation inspections on Friday. The audit workers will now vacate Veterans Memorial Coliseum and prepare to deliver a report to the Arizona Senate.

Soon we will know the true number of ballots that were cast in Maricopa County.

The Anti-American Democratic party along with the Deep State need a distraction because they know what is about to happen! A FALSE FLAG ALERT IS FOR MASS SHOOTINGS TERROR ATTACKS OR ANY NEWS THAT POPS UP THAT WILL TAKE ATTENTION OFF OF THE REAL NEWS ABOUT THE STOLEN 2020 ELECTIONS! STAY ALERT AND BE AWARE!!

THEY HAVE MADE THE MOVE!! THE FALSE FLAG IS THIS: The corrupt DOJ and their gang of attorneys in New York have spent over five years or more searching for crimes related to President Trump and his family and associates. They spent millions before his election and throughout his entire term to come up with any crime they could make up regarding the President of the United States. To this day they still have nothing.

This is a distraction to fill the news cycle so they can suppress the news that is about to come out about the Stolen 2020 Elections!