The girl gave multiple ‘contraindicated’ medications on her last day

Source: WND

The family of a 19-year-old girl who died in St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Appleton, Wisconsin, purportedly of COVID, has launched a billboard campaign raising questions about the hospital’s treatment of Grace Schara.

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“Was Grace labeled DO NOT RESUSCITATE without family consent at St. E’s?” the dozen billboards that have been erected in the region openly question.

Schara, who had Down syndrome, was given three “contraindicated” medicines on the last day of her life, and given by a doctor a DNR designation, meaning she was not to be resuscitated, an order her family explains they never approved.

According to a statement released about the situation, “Dr. Gavin Shokar, M.D., apparently found it so likely she would die from his administration of Precedex – a powerful sedative used in surgery – that he wrote his own do-not-resuscitate (DNR) order on her a mere eight minutes after giving her the maximum dose.”