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Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has vehemently criticized Rep. Jim Jordan for initiating an investigation into her handling of the Trump RICO case. Jordan, the House Judiciary Chairman, launched this inquiry last month to examine whether Willis coordinated with federal authorities during her extensive investigation into former President Trump and his associates.

Willis had previously charged Trump and 18 others with RICO and conspiracy charges related to their challenges to the 2020 election results. This indictment stirred controversy, with critics arguing it infringed upon First Amendment rights and possibly involved coordination with officials in Washington.

Jim Jordan expressed concerns about the timing of the prosecution, asserting that it appeared politically motivated. Willis had begun her investigation in February 2021 but only brought charges amid the 2024 election season. The Gateway Pundit reviewed Jordan’s letter to Willis, which questioned these timing discrepancies.

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In response, Willis accused Jordan of interfering with an ongoing criminal case, stating that congressional authority should not be invoked to supervise or second-guess a Georgia investigation.

Politico reported Willis’s fiery response to Jordan’s investigation, where she rebuked the House Republicans for allegedly obstructing a criminal proceeding. She criticized Jordan’s understanding of the law and ethics, asserting that his inquiry aimed to advance partisan misrepresentations.

There were also claims that Willis might be coordinating with officials in Washington to divert attention from alleged crimes involving Joe Biden. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich alleged that a source informed him of a phone call from Washington pressuring Willis to indict Trump quickly to cover up mistakes made elsewhere. This account suggested a rush to the indictment on a specific timeline.

In conclusion, Fani Willis has strongly defended her handling of the Trump RICO case against accusations from Jim Jordan and others. The investigation into her actions has sparked a contentious debate over political motivations and potential coordination with federal authorities. Willis maintains that congressional interference in an ongoing criminal case is unwarranted, while critics question the timing and motivations behind her indictment of Trump.