Source: Joe Hoft

Even the far-left Daily Beast is now admitting that you can’t trust Joe Biden.
Joe Biden is losing Democrats.

Joe Biden had a credibility problem his whole life.  He was known for telling tall tales and sniffing kids.  His family has multiple financial ties with China.  His son is a drug addict who left evidence of taking drugs, hanging out with hookers, and cutting deals with China and other countries.  This was all recorded on his laptop.  Anyone who trusted Joe Biden a year ago was a fool.  Now even some of those fools are waking up.

The Daily Beast reports:

TRENDING: WHO Head Admits Vaccines Being Used To Kill Children

Having started 2021 full of optimism, Joe Biden ends the year having disappointed progressive Democrats like AOC, moderate Democrats like Joe Manchin, Republicans who crossed party lines to support his policies, and the American people (and that’s not to mention the people of Afghanistan).

Other than that, he’s doing great!

Coming into the year, Biden’s only mandate was not being Donald Trump. He achieved this, but only narrowly. Unlike Trump, Biden radiates decency and hasn’t incited any riots. But like the mailman who’s supposed to deliver my kids’ Christmas presents amid supply-chain turmoil, you can’t count on him to deliver.

The author’s piece above continues with typical liberal talking points but ends with the recognition that Biden is a failure.  Despite obvious evidence that Biden stole the election, Biden has had the media in his corner, Big Tech in his corner, the Democrats in his corner, and many Republicans in his corner.  Now it all comes crashing down.

This is a huge development.  Even the Daily Beast is backing away from Joe Biden.