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A far-left (borderline Marxist) group calling itself the “People’s CDC” has called for more radical coronavirus policies like indefinite mask mandates and social distancing, charging that America’s relaxed pandemic policies stem from a racist eugenics impulse beholden to corporate interests.

Profiled at length in the New Yorker, the People’s CDC can best be described as a “ragtag coalition of academics, doctors, activists, and artists who believe that the government has left them to fend for themselves.”

Founded by Mindy Thompson Fullilove, a professor of urban policy and health at the New School, the group has thousands of supporters who receive weekly newsletters and emails highlighting the latest pandemic trends while advocating stricter policies.

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The People’s CDC also received funding from organizations like the Kresge Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a highly influential health philanthropy. Though Fullilove did not specify if the group has any supporters within the actual Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), member Edgar Rivera Colón said in a recent webinar that they have “comrades that are within the C.D.C. who are saying to us, ‘Go ahead with your bad selves.’”

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