“You’re being rejected.”

Farage: Anti-EU Revolt is Spreading Across Europe

Source:  | Infowars.com

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage celebrated the results of the UK election in the European Parliament, saying they were proof faceless EU bureaucrats are being rejected and that the revolt is spreading.

By standing down Brexit Party candidates in close fought seats between the Conservative Party and the Labour Party, Farage was instrumental in delivering a large majority which will allow Boris Johnson’s Conservatives to finally deliver Brexit on January 31st.

Farage returned to the European Parliament today to celebrate the “beginning of the end” of the EU.

“After three and a half years of deception, we will be leaving this prison of nations at the end of January,” said Farage.

“We’re going to become an independent, self-governing nation and you can delude yourselves inside this cathedral that all is well but it isn’t,” he added.

“People do not want to be run and governed by faceless bureaucrats…you’re being rejected,” said Farage in comments aimed at EU leaders.

The Brexit Party leader then highlighted how the anti-EU revolt is spreading across the continent as opinion polls show a majority of Poles believe they will be better off by leaving the European Union.

“Brexit is the beginning of the end of this project, we are giving leadership to a Europe of sovereign states, working together, being friends together but not being run by the gang down at the middle there,” Farage concluded.