More chapters demand to know where $90MILLION is being spent after $3m property empire of Patrisse Cullors was exposed

Source: Daily Mail

The father of a black teen shot dead by police has joined-in demands to know what Black Lives Matter’s $90 million funds have been used for after its co-founder’s $3 million property portfolio was exposed.

Michael Brown Sr – whose 18 year-old son Michael Brown was shot dead by a cop in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014, added his name to the BLM 10 Plus movement. It is comprised of the original 10 Black Lives Matter chapters, and is seeking transparency and accountability from BLM about how its cash has been used. 

Co-founder Patrice Cullors resigned last month after her $3 million property portfolio was revealed, although those houses were bought with cash Cullors earned through public speaking and books she has written. 

Black Lives Matter took in $90 million in 2020, and was left with a balance sheet of $60 million by January 2021. Around $8 million was spent on expenses, including staffing costs with the other $20 million donated to local chapters and nonprofits.,

Those numbers – and news of Cullors’ property portfolio – has led to questions about how BLM is spending its money, and complaints over a lack of transparency from bereaved families previously supported by the group.  

Michael Brown Sr. is perhaps the most notable name to join the BLM 10 Plus movement, Fox News reported.  

His son’s death at the hands of white cop Darren Wilson, the decision not to charge Wilson, and the violence between police and protesters in the aftermath have been largely credited for the early spread of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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