Source: NwoReport

Lame duck New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio announced this morning that the city is implementing a vaxx mandate for all private companies. It applies to all private-sector workers at 184,000 businesses across the city. The New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene will release guidance for enforcing the mandate next week. It takes effect on December 27, four days before DeBlasio leaves office. There’s already a vaxx mandate in place for indoor dining, gyms, movies, etc. Those mandates extend to everyone age 5 and up later this month.

Why anyone would want to live in New York, California, Oregon, etc. is beyond comprehension. The only difference between those states and Australia at this point is that there are no COVID concentration camps (yet). Federal and state court challenges are imminent related to this New York City mandate. But these cases are often decided on political, not legal grounds.

Lobbyists and pharmaceutical companies own the legislative and executive branches of government. The courts aren’t much better. But right now the judiciary is the only branch of government showing any semblance of integrity in these COVID times.