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In the wake of the Nashville shooting and prior, the highly politicized FBI was taking a pledge to recruit more women “in an effort expected to advance diversity, strengthen partnerships, and enhance operational success.” 

At 12:41 pm CT on Tuesday, the FBI’s official Twitter page shared this news. On February 27, the day that three young students and three teachers were murdered by a transgender who kept a manifesto and mapped out her plan in Nashville, TN, the FBI published their report about joining “a push to recruit more female sworn law enforcement officers and to empower them professionally.”

Less than one hour earlier, The Gateway Pundit reported that the school shooter, Audrey Hale, sent highly alarming text messages to her friend, outlining her plans for the day on Monday right before murdering innocent students and teachers.

“I’m planning to die today,” one message said. “THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!!!” Hale continued. “You’ll probably hear about me on the news after I die.”

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