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FBI Agents Fatally Shoot Utah Man Linked to Credible Online Threats Against President Biden and OfficialsFBI agents shot and killed Craig Deleeuw Robertson, a 75-year-old Utah man, during an attempted arrest on August 9. The incident occurred at Robertson’s Provo home as agents served arrest and search warrants in connection to online threats against President Joe Biden and federal agents. The circumstances surrounding the shooting remain unclear.

The FBI’s investigation into Robertson began in April after his Facebook posts drew attention from special agents. His social media activity primarily focused on hostility towards Biden and other prominent figures. In one alarming post, Robertson described a violent dream involving Biden’s severed head in a parking garage with blood. He had repeatedly referenced shooting the president in his posts.

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Charging documents also revealed that Robertson’s threats extended to other Democratic politicians, including Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and New York Attorney General Letitia James. He allegedly expressed an intent to harm or kill them. A post describing a violent dream about Bragg led to an FBI visit to Robertson’s home. The shooting occurred just hours before President Biden’s scheduled visit to Utah. The incident has sparked debates over freedom of speech and the role of law enforcement in addressing online threats. An FBI spokesperson confirmed that the shooting is under review by the FBI’s Inspection Division, and further details are pending. Some individuals have characterized the incident as an example of alleged suppression of political dissent under the current administration. The case underscores law enforcement’s challenges in addressing online threats and potentially preventing violence. As investigations continue, the incident prompts broader discussions about the balance between protecting national security and upholding civil liberties.