Lawyer calls agency’s behavior “dystopian.”

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

The US Food and Drug Administration has elongated the time span it will take to make public clinical data about Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

The FDA now says it will take 75 years to release the information.

After processing 12,000 pages about the approval process for the vaccine in the space of two months, the agency now says it will only be able to release 500 pages a month going forward.

Having already asserted that it will take 55 years to release the full data, that estimation has now been extended by two decades.

Lawyers representing a group of doctors calling themselves Public Health and Medical Professionals have demanded to know why it took the FDA just 108 days to study Pfizer’s documents but it will take 20,000 days to make the same documents public.

The FDA claims it doesn’t have enough resources to accelerate the process and that devoting more time to the issue would take away from other FOIA requests.

Lawyer Aaron Siri described the agency’s behavior as “dystopian,” questioning how the government could fund Pfizer to the tune of billions, shield them from lawsuits and then deny the American public 451,000 documents about a shot that the Biden administration is trying to make mandatory.

Given that Pfizer is already working on new vaccines and endless booster shots to fight the next variant and then the next pandemic, the totality of the data probably won’t be available before the Sun blows up and wipes out planet Earth, which is expected to happen in about 10 billion years.