Big Pharma knew what they were doing. Their puppets in the FDA, CDC, and NIH knew what they were doing. They have an agenda and it has nothing to do with saving lives.

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The US government (and to be fair, ALL governments) and their puppets in corporate media have three speeds. When something will benefit them or their cronies, they’re in a huge rush. We saw this with the recent release of bivalent boosters which went from trials on eight mice to being deemed “safe and effective” for humans (where have we heard that one before?) in record time. When something exposes them, they bring it to a complete stop until it becomes impossible to deny any longer. We’ve seen that with massive, widespread voter from 2020 that nearly everyone in DC on both sides of the aisle and every corporate newsroom in the nation deny happened despite massive amounts of evidence.

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The third speed is to stall release of information until the proper moment. An example of this is the Hunter Biden laptop. It was real. They knew it in October, 2020 when it was reported by the NY Post. Many knew it was real long before that. But they didn’t acknowledge it until 2022, long after it could do any real harm to Joe Biden.

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