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Editor’s Commentary: Sentiment is arguably the most powerful force behind major economic moves. When sentiment is high, economies often boom. When sentiment is low, they can bust. How people feel can prompt movement in markets which then causes more people to feel the same way. It’s very much like a self-fulfilling prophecy of fiscal ebbing and flowing.

It’s for this reason that I’m always very cautious when ringing the alarm bells about the economy. On one hand, I have been warning readers of challenges that could impact their financial situation. For months I have said the biggest threat to banks and investment firms is wokeness; the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank can be directly attributed to exactly why I’ve been predicting.

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On the other hand, I do not want my voice to add to fear that could help bring about the things that scare us. With that said, it certainly appears that the things that have concerned me and others are coming to pass which is why I’m more bullish than ever about moving retirement accounts and wealth to physical precious metals. I recommend three gold companies, but for this specific time, I’m encouraging people to talk to my Christian, America First precious metals partner. They seem most suited to help people through what’s happening in America today. Here’s Jack Philips from The Epoch Times with more news on what’s happening with banks.

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