Posted BY: Thomas Lifson

The murder of DNC employee Seth Rich on July 10, 2016, has long aroused wariness on the part of people who suspected that he was the leaker of emails highly embarrassing to the Democrats, especially since Wikileaks founder Julian Assange suggested that a DNC insider was the source of the emails published by Wikileaks.  Rich’s death was officially labeled by police the result of a failed robbery – nothing was stolen from him – and suspicions that anything more than robbery was involved in his death have been labeled “conspiracy theories.” Rich’s family has successfully sued and received apologies and settlements from several parties, including Fox News, for allegations about his death.  

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But the behavior of the FBI has continued to raise suspicions.  ABC News reported in 2017, “FBI is not involved in Seth Rich case despite ‘conspiracy theories,’ officials say”, but subsequent FOIA lawsuits by Brian Huddleston, represented by attorney Ty Clevenger, have revealed this to be fake news. Clevenger was even at first told by the FBI that it didn’t have any information on Rich, but his FOIA lawsuit proved that incorrect.  via Linkedin

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