Source: Wyatt T – NwoReport

Voices across the spectrum have criticized the Biden administration’s plan to produce and distribute COVID-19 tests as the U.S. sets new records for COVID-19 infections.

On Dec. 20, Biden announced a plan to distribute 500 million free at-home COVID-19 tests beginning in January. White House coronavirus response coordinator Jeff Zients said Wednesday that contracts for the plan will be signed “late next week.” Some pharmacies have reportedly sold out of tests as people try to get tested amid the surge in new infections. News outlets across the spectrum reported on large lines at testing sites across the country, which have prompted FEMA to establish federally-run testing sites in some hard-hit areas. Earlier this week, Biden denied a report from Vanity Fair (Lean Left bias) that his team dismissed an October proposal to mass-distribute rapid tests ahead of a possible winter coronavirus surge. On Wednesday, the Pentagon announced a $137 million contract to boost the production of a key component of COVID-19 rapid tests.

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Outlets across the spectrum highlighted testing shortages, the high costs of tests, and what remains unknown about Biden’s testing plan. Coverage from all sides typically framed the Biden administration’s response to shortages as slow. Right-rated outlets often highlighted the Vanity Fair report and Biden’s denial of it more than left-rated outlets did. Some on the right also focused on reports that some tests may be less accurate against Omicron.