Posted BY: John Dale Dunn

Iszac Henig is a woman who declared herself a man. She was also a champion Yale swimmer and, when she notified the Yale athletic department of her new “identity,” it made a place for her on the men’s team (meaning that it ousted a biological man). The new regime was a failure for both Henig and Yale because biology is a reality, while Henig’s “identity” is not.

How badly did reality kick in? According to OutKick, when she swam as a woman, Henig “finished the 2021-22 NCAA season as a women’s all-American….” When she swam as a pretend man, “Henig struggled to a 79th finish out of 83 swimmers at an Ohio State meet in November….” The only swimmers worse than Henig were a one-armed man and three people who specialized in other strokes.

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Robert Spencer points out the obvious, which is that Henig is no “Lia Thomas”: “Thomas became a champion because he is a man competing with women. Henig became a poor swimmer because she is a woman competing against men.”

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