In America, young people are increasingly buying these drugs online in a desperate attempt to self-medicate for conditions like anxiety and insomnia. Often, they don’t know what they’re buying – and the consequences can be fatal.

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All over America, families are being broken by fentanyl.

Fifty times more powerful than heroin, this deadly drug is more addictive than anything that’s come before. It’s been in circulation in America for a decade, fuelling an unprecedented addiction crisis.

A ruthless criminal network stretching back to Mexico, China, and beyond, is pushing it into schools, clubs, and onto the streets to hook people. In the US, more than 70,000 people a year are being killed by this synthetic opioid.

Now, in a terrifying twist, fentanyl is killing school children who are buying pills laced with the drug on social media, and overdosing in their classrooms and in their beds.

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We traveled to the city of Kyle in Texas to hear the stories of families whose lives have been ripped apart. Gathered under a tree in a local park, they stood – united by grief – clutching photos of their loved ones. Some had sought painkillers. Others were desperate to sleep. Some were just teenagers experimenting. None wanted to die.

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