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Democrat Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman allegedly signed a letter to the company whose train derailed in Ohio, Norfolk Southern, from the hospital where he is recovering from clinical depression and it raised some eyebrows on Twitter.

In the letter, Sen. Fetterman joined other lawmakers in asking for the company to take care of nearby Darlington Township.

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“Norfolk Southern’s policy of only reimbursing the residents of the roughly 130+ dwellings that were officially evacuated ignores the reality of the situation for residents across Beaver and Lawrence Counties. Families across these counties, not just those officially evacuated, saw a toxic plume and acted to protect their families at a time of considerable uncertainty. Similarly, local officials took action to keep them and their families safe. Their decisions were justified, as is their ongoing concern for their health and well-being. They should not be denied assistance because Norfolk Southern, a multi-billion-dollar corporation, insists on adhering to rigid, unrealistic boundaries that do not reflect the lived reality of the derailment or the impact of the derailment,” Senators Fetterman, Bob Casey, and Rep. Chris Deluzio said.

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