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Sen. John Fetterman‘s (D-PA) team is calling out detractors who mocked the senator‘s health struggles while questioning witnesses at a hearing on Tuesday.

The junior Pennsylvania senator’s team says they have been “clear and open” about his “auditory processing challenges” as Fetterman recovers from a stroke he suffered last year, adding that doctors “expect his abilities to improve.”

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“For many months, we have been clear and open about the fact that John still faces challenges with auditory processing challenges as a result of his stroke. His doctors expect his abilities to improve, but in the meantime, if pathetic losers want to make fun of someone who struggles with speech as the result of a stroke, that’s up to them,” Joe Calvello, communications director for Fetterman, told the Washington Examiner.

While questioning the former Silicon Valley Bank CEO and other bank executives, Fetterman struggled at times with his speech when asking whether they believe it is “a running joke” that the government will always bail out a bank when it fails.

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