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The final Instagram posts of an air stewardess who suddenly died after the plane landed at Stansted Airport revealed she ‘loved’ her job and enjoyed a jet-setting lifestyle.

Greta Dyrmishi, 24, was a member of staff working for the airline Air Albania when she suddenly fainted and passed away in December.

The cabin crew member shared airline-related memes and videos of her jet-setting lifestyle, visiting Italy and Turkey, in the months leading up to her unexpected death.

One shows an aerial view of city lights at night, taken around June last year, with the caption: ‘That’s why I love my job’.

Her final post, uploaded to her Instagram account nine weeks ago, just days before Ms. Dyrmishi died, include a picture from the plane window looking out over buildings and countryside below.

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Other videos documented a trip to Istanbul with colleagues, in which the young air stewardess could be seen enjoying a night out, taking in the sights, and sitting by a pool. 

A post-mortem found that that the 24-year-old cabin crew member had died from ‘sudden adult death syndrome’ and was attended to by paramedics after reports of a woman being seriously ill. 

Essex Coroner’s Court today heard that Ms. Dyrmishi was traveling from the Albanian capital, Tirana, to Stansted Airport on December 21 when she fainted suddenly.

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