Source: Arjun Walia

  • The Facts:The Finnish Prime Minister has withdrawn recent COVID-19 lockdown proposals because they have been deemed unconstitutional by a constitutional law committee.
  • Reflect On:When things are not as black and white as government and mainstream media make them out to be, should recommendations be made instead of authoritarian mandates?

You can see it all over social media if you know where to look, but one common theme throughout this pandemic has been the mass protesting all over the the world in every single country that is imposing covid restrictions on their citizens. It’s something that mainstream media continues to avoid, but one thing is for certain, many people disagree with the measures being taken to combat the virus.

That being said, many people also agree. This is fine, it’s healthy to disagree but what’s not healthy is censoring information, data, published peer-reviewed science, and doctors and scientists who disagree with government measures while only giving a voice to those who agree or are affiliated with government.

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