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The Finnish President told Vladimir Putin his country will join NATO in a ‘direct and straightforward’ phone call this morning.

Sauli Niinistö said the conversation was ‘conducted without aggravations’ as both parties worked to ‘avoid tensions’.

The discussion came as Russia cut off electricity supplies to the country and a Putin lackey boasted that the Kremlin could destroy Finland in ‘ten seconds’.

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A readout from the Finnish President’s Office stated: ‘President Niinistö announced that Finland decides to seek NATO membership in the next few days.’

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and cyber-attacks on Finland and Sweden have ‘altered the security environment’ in Helsinki, Putin was told.

It wasn’t revealed how long the call went on or whether Niinisto had consulted other world leaders before speaking to Putin. 

President Niinistö reportedly reminded the Kremlin leader that they agreed every independent nation maximise its security during their first meeting in 2012.

‘This is what is happening now, too’, Niinistö said.