Melania is following in the president’s footsteps


First lady Melania Trump criticized the mainstream media and issued a challenge to them about their cheap and shallow coverage.

“I challenge the press to devote as much time to the lives lost and the potential lives that could be saved by dedicating the same amount of coverage that you do to idle gossip or trivial stories,” the first lady said.

She was speaking at an event in Las Vegas, Nevada, for her “Be Best” campaign against the opioid epidemic.

“When we see breaking news on TV or the front pages of newspapers,” she added, “it is my hope that it can be about how many lives we were able to save through education and honest dialogue.”

The first lady reiterated her challenge in a question and answer period with Eric Bolling.

“I wish the media would talk about more and educate more children, also adults, parents, about the opioid crisis that we have in the United States,” she said. “They do it already, but I think not enough.”

This is just the latest in a series of critiques from the first lady against the media. In November she was speaking about her anti-cyberbullying campaign at a conference in Washington D.C. when the issue arose.

“As I have said before,” the first lady said during her speech, “it is not news or surprising to me that critics and the media have chosen to ridicule me for speaking out on this issue, and that’s okay.”

“I hope,” she continued, “you will consider using their negative words as motivation to do all you can to bring awareness and understanding about responsible online behavior.”

Here’s local video from her event on Tuesday: