Posted BY: Joe Fried

Some people think my hometown of Cleveland is a dull place, but we have plenty of excitement here. For example, there were two men who nearly won $30,000 in a 2022 walleye fishing tournament on Lake Erie. And they won lots of money before, including about $150,000 worth of prizes in 2021. What was their secret? Their fish weighed more than anyone else’s fish. It’s pretty simple, right?

In the last competition, however, a skeptical judge did something that had never been done before: He sliced open one of the fish, and inside he found an amazing amount of weight that looked like lead balls. Unless those were humongous kidney stones, the men were cheating. They are now charged with multiple criminal offenses, including attempted grand theft and possession of criminal tools. (Lead balls?)

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In a fishing competition, it is not good enough to merely count the pounds: It is necessary to make sure you are counting pounds of real fish, not lead balls. That same principal should apply to our elections. In most cases, however, election administrators simply count the ballots without making sure that they represent real voters.

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