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A Florida woman was purportedly shoplifting at a mall when her car abruptly caught fire with her children inside. She is now accused of aggravated child neglect and arson, according to a recent arrest report.

According to the report submitted by the Oviedo Police Department, Alicia Moore, 24, had her vehicle parked in a lot outside of a Dillard’s department store at the Oviedo Mall on May 26th.

Moore had left her children in the car, according to the complaint. The names of the children and their ages have been redacted in the paperwork.

According to allegations made by mall employees, Moore and an unidentified man were caught shoplifting at Dillard’s by mall security. After approximately an hour, Moore started to leave Dillard’s, and as she was walking out, she saw her car engulfed in flames.

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At the mall, onlookers noticed the car fire and fortunately saved the children inside who were trying to flee from the flames. The kids were swiftly taken to the Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

One child had first-degree burns “to her face and ears,” according to the arrest report.

Moore has now been charged with aggravated child neglect for leaving kids who could not care for themselves alone inside of the automobile, the report said.

Police claimed that they were still not sure how the fire started, but added that if Moore “was not being neglectful,” it’s highly doubtful the kids would have been hurt. The arrest report also additionally noted that Moore was charged with arson since the fire started while she was allegedly committing a crime.

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