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A Florida woman, Nichole Maks, has been charged with tampering with evidence and first-degree murder after a bizarre attempt to destroy DNA evidence linking her to the murder of her roommate, 79-year-old Michael Cerasoli. The incident unfolded on July 1 when police responded to a fire at a Daytona Beach home, where they discovered Cerasoli’s lifeless body with signs of blunt force trauma and stab wounds.

Following the discovery, police identified Maks as a person of interest and located her shortly afterward. She was found with ripped clothing and blood on her leg and dropped a knife and a hammer when approached by officers. Initially providing conflicting accounts, Maks later admitted to being Cerasoli’s roommate, contradicting her earlier claims of homelessness. In a peculiar twist, Maks then poured Diet Mountain Dew soda on her head in an apparent effort to destroy potential DNA evidence.

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Subsequent investigations found Maks’ DNA on a knife at the murder scene, with Cerasoli’s DNA on the blade. This evidence, combined with her contradictory statements and unusual actions, led to Maks being charged with tampering with evidence, first-degree murder, and resisting arrest with violence. She was taken into custody and booked into the Volusia County jail without bond. Despite the charges, Maks entered a written plea of not guilty.

Her defense attorneys argued that she was mentally incompetent to stand trial, raising questions about her mental state at the time of the incident. The case highlights the unusual lengths individuals may go to evade law enforcement and obstruct justice, underscoring the complexities that can arise during criminal investigations. As the legal proceedings unfold, the court will need to address the issue of Maks’ mental competence and determine the appropriate course of action for the charges she faces concerning the disturbing murder of her roommate.