Source:  Kyle Becker

Florida’s Surgeon General, Joseph A. Ladapo, MD, PhD, went off on an epic rant against the “climate of dishonesty” that has surrounded the mainstream media’s Covid pandemic coverage since the very beginning.

Ladapo shred the media’s myths and misrepresentations about how the coronavirus behaves and the most prudent public health policies to limit its damage. Watch:

“You remember when people were telling you that these vaccines would stop transmission and the rates of protection were greater than 90%?” he asked. “Well, you know, guess what, here we are about 10 months afterward and we’re finding that the data is showing that some of these vaccines, the protection from infection is less than 40%.”

“And even less than that, for some of them,” he said. “As we now know, these vaccines are not preventing transmission. So sure, they reduce the likelihood of transmission, and even that is sort of questionable, depending on how far out you go. But they’re not preventing it.”

“So this idea that you know, I’ve heard some leaders say things like, we’ll create safe workplaces, by mandating these vaccines,” he continued. “Well, they’re really decoupled, because the infections can still happen, whether people were vaccinated or not. I mean, that’s very obvious, you know. And you remember these people were also telling you that all these breakthrough infections were rare. Well, they’re obviously not rare. In fact, they’re common.”

“And so and so that’s the truth,” he added. “So this idea that the vaccine mandates are needed to create safe workplaces is a complete lie. It’s continued to be repeated and you should know that it’s not at all backed up by science. In fact, the science says something that’s completely the opposite and that’s the fact.”Advertisements

“Part of the reason that people are not comfortable, some people are not comfortable with these vaccines is because of the climate of dishonesty, scientific dishonesty, about the science, right?” he said. “Whether it’s natural immunity, denial of that in the face of data, or in the case of the vaccines, open, honest discussions about both effectiveness and safety. There’s been dishonesty around that.”

“The reality of how safe these vaccines are is absolutely not public,” he added. “Healthy people who’ve had adverse reactions after the vaccines, there’s been a concerted effort to prevent these types of stories, these experiences from receiving the attention that they obviously should receive.”

“It’s completely ridiculous,” he said. “Americans can sense, many Americans can sense that there’s total dishonesty about the safety of the vaccines. That’s one of the things the Governor and I are going to work on.”

This is a brilliant, scientifically valid, and provocative dissection of the state of the science and the failures of the radical left’s Covid policies to do anything significantly to stop the spread, all while doing tremendous economic and social damage to the country. So, of course, the left hates it. Surprisingly, MSNBC and Daily Kos attacked Ladapo and unsurprisingly continued to perpetuate the scientific dishonesty that he so eloquently condemned.

Oh, by the way. Florida now has the lowest Covid case rates per capita in America. Meanwhile, northern and beltway states are still fighting the recent Delta variant surge, despite vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and even vaccine passports in the case of New York City.

Florida has been the “control group” that shows you that blue states’ policies are being driven more by politics than by public health. The left’s only real response is to muster more outrage and lies to justify in a flailing attempt to justify their failed authoritarian policies. But Florida has definitively showed that you can follow the actual science and still defend Americans’ freedom and constitutional rights. No “climate of dishonesty” is going to be able to change that.