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(Natural News) We are past the point of needing to convince anyone that the Western financial system is collapsing. People see it every day with bank failures, food inflation, and collapsing credit.

The Fed just raised interest rates another 25 basis points, by the way, and declared the need to keep contracting credit across the economy. The commercial real estate market is going to fall off a cliff.

To survive the implosion of the Western financial system, you need to be nimble. That’s why I’m handing out homework assignments today, to provide you with a checklist of all the things you need to nail down in advance of the worsening financial crisis.

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Step-by-step instructions if you want to have assets remaining after the engineered demolition of the banking & finance sector

In today’s Brighton Broadcast News (see below), I give you step-by-step instructions for things you need to set up right now in order to have the full spectrum of options available to you as financial institutions fail.

For example, I explain how you need to be banking with at least three banks, including one large bank (that will receive endless bailouts) and two smaller or mid-sized banks (that won’t deplatform you because of your values).

Next, you need to set up money transfers between these 3 banks, and you need to practice wiring money in and out of these 3 banks so you have the process worked out in advance.

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