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(Natural News) The “experts” promised us this would never be a problem, but the lingering effects of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “pandemic” – or so we are being told – have created a persistent shortage of food and pharmaceutical drugs across the United States.

CNN published a piece recently stating that we are currently in “the worst food crisis in modern history” while common drugs like antibiotics and specifically penicillin are slated to run out entirely, in some cases, before the end of 2023 – just a few short months away.

Pfizer announced that several kinds of penicillin, used to treat syphilis, strep throat, and other infections, will no longer be available after the third quarter of this year, which ends on September 30.

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“The company anticipates running out of the children’s dose of the syphilis drug Bicillin L-A by the end of June, according to a letter Pfizer posted Tuesday on the Food and Drug Administration’s website,” reports explain.

“The company says it’s prioritizing production of larger doses of Bicillin L-A, which is recommended for pregnant [women] with syphilis because it is the only drug that can pass through the placenta and also treat the fetus.”

“A different Pfizer penicillin, Bicillin C-R that treats other bacterial infections but not syphilis, is expected to run out in the third quarter, which ends Sept. 30. Pfizer’s penicillin has been in shortage since April.”

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