Posted BY: Niamh Harris

People should be aware that the threat of food shortages around the globe could be “just as deadly” as the covid pandemic according to a leading health expert.

Peter Sands, who is executive director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, has warned against governments only focusing on just one virus.

Breitbart reports: Sands said food shortages could become the next global health crisis and world leaders should prepare for it.

“It’s not as well-defined as some brand new pathogen appearing with distinctive new symptoms. But it could well be just as deadly,” Sands said in a Reuters report.

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The New York Post reported:

Sands, who works in areas already struggling with poverty and malnutrition, says wealthy governments risk making the “classic” mistake of concerning themselves only with crises that reflect the most recent disaster the world has faced.

Australia is already beginning to see early signs of food stress as lettuce prices hit an incredible $12 per head in some areas following the flood season. Natural disasters, coupled with inflation and complications in the global trade industry, could produce a perfect storm as the globe begins to find its feet.

While it is unclear just how devastating accelerated food shortages could be to a first-world country like Australia, health experts have urged leaders to stay vigilant.

The post included a remark from Australia and New Zealand food and agribusiness research general manager Stefan Vogel, who said Russia’s continued war on Ukraine could result in a huge shortage of grain this year and beyond.