• The Facts:Presented is a list of immune-strengthening foods and immune weakening foods that you can make choices about during this time.
  • Reflect On:Are the foods you are eating supporting your immunity?

The Coronavirus is a virus that can easily be beaten providing you are healthy and your immune system is fairly strong. We have already covered how one could use Vitamin C in similar ways it is being used in Asia to deal with Coronavirus. Along with that, Zinc is being suggested by a lot of people as well. Recommendations are to take about 15mg of zinc into the throat, hold for one minute, swallow. Do this 2 or 3 times a day. I personally do this and vitamin C every day as part of my healthy organic diet of primarily raw fruits and veggies. (That’s pretty much what I eat anyway even without the virus going around)

I cannot claim Zinc helps against Coronavirus, but it has been shown to help against viruses in general.

Given that keeping the immune system strong is important at this point, it’s good to understand which foods can help your immune system and which may weaken it. Food is medicine, and that’s not just a cliche statement; it’s one of the best forms of preventative healthcare.

So let’s look at some important foods to avoid right now, and some important foods to consume right now.

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