Footage Of Biden Touching Young Girls On C-Span Flagged As ...

Source: Baxter Dmitry

C-Span footage of Joe Biden touching young girls during congressional swear-in ceremonies is being flagged by Twitter for violating their Child Sexual Exploitation Policy.

Twitter users became aware of the situation during an argument about the Democrat presidential nominee’s character when a tweet was flagged “for trying to post images of child molestation.

The dispute on social media saw Texan progressive activist Johnny Graz seeking to make a case that the Democratic presidential nominee should be investigated for sexual assault.

Another commenter, who goes by the name ‘Jake Koenig,’ sought to support Graz’s argument by posting a video compilation of Biden touching various young girls during photo ops at their parents’ congressional swear-in ceremonies in 2015.

However, the commenter was unable to post the official public footage of the proceedings because “Twitter flagged [him] for trying to post images of child molestation.”

Koenig’s claim was easily verifiable, as Twitter does indeed very quickly identify the video as “prohibited” content that “violates [their] Child Sexual Exploitation Policy.” 

Moreover, Twitter bans the user’s account until they’ve deleted the footage.

The notorious footage shows the former vice president touching US legislators’ daughters and granddaughters on various parts of the body. At various points, he appears to be holding some girls in place while closely leaning in to whisper in their ears.

The discussion around Biden’s behavior has largely been fueled by a string of accusations by several women that he “inappropriately” touched them.

Back in March, Biden’s former Senate staffer Tara Reid publicly came forward saying he sexually assaulted in 1993.

The claims were largely ignored by the mainstream media, even though they coincided with the rise of the ‘MeToo’ movement, self-tasked with bringing powerful men to account for sexual misbehavior against women.

The organization’s largest personalities did not seem to be interested in Reid’s case, with some including Alyssa Milano choosing to back Joe Biden, which led to infighting and accusations of partisanship.

Biden himself denied the allegations, saying that “nothing like this ever, ever happened,” and added that he doesn’t remember the woman despite the fact she worked for him.