Today, The Two Mikes spoke to each other about the deliberate cruelty being inflicted on all Americans — including their own supporters — by the Biden administration and their allies.

Poison vaccinations, forbidding proven over-the-counter antidotes, open-borders, close to a million diseased illegal aliens; rapidly increasing inflation, the unending printing of massive amounts of paper money, suppression of the 1st Amendment, etc.

Neither of the Mikes is an economic wizard, though Colonel Mike is pretty sharp on money things, but we spoke about our sponsor — Ira at — and noted that for the first time in their history Americans are faced by a national government that is intentionally seeking to destroy the republic.

Given that fact, Gold may not be just the traditional hedge against inflation, but an anchor which can be used to secure our homes and families against Biden’s blitzkrieg against the well-being of the citizenry.

Buy gold? That of course is up to each individual, but the pursuit of reliable data may well be worth a few minutes of discussion with Ira.

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