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Ford CEO Jim Farley recently gained firsthand insight into the challenges of electric vehicle (EV) charging while embarking on a road trip across Route 66. During this journey, he drove an electric F-150 Lightning and documented his experiences on social media.

Farley’s trip included a stop at a power station in Coalinga, California, where he encountered limited charging options. This moment served as a “reality check” for Ford owners, as he acknowledged the difficulties of charging EVs.Farley recognized the importance of addressing these challenges and improving the EV experience for customers. He highlighted the partnership between Ford and Tesla, aiming to provide Ford drivers access to over 12,000 superchargers. Additionally, Ford’s EV-certified dealerships are installing fast chargers to enhance charging convenience.

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One of the issues Farley faced was slow charging times. While surrounded by Tesla Supercharger stations that Ford’s EVs cannot utilize yet, Farley connected to a low-speed charger. It took 40 minutes to charge the truck’s battery to just 40 percent.

This experience emphasized the need for efficient and fast charging solutions. Despite these challenges, Farley remained committed to enhancing Ford’s EV offerings. He expressed the company’s goal to roll out 600,000 EVs by the end of the year, even though the F-150 Lightning has faced criticism for its towing range and battery performance in cold weather conditions.

In conclusion, Ford’s CEO, Jim Farley, gained valuable insights into the challenges of EV charging during a road trip with an electric F-150 Lightning. His firsthand experiences highlighted the importance of addressing charging difficulties and improving the overall EV ownership experience for Ford customers. The company’s collaboration with Tesla and the installation of fast chargers demonstrate their commitment to overcoming these challenges and advancing the adoption of electric vehicles.