‘Mr. Barr, why did Jeffrey Epstein hang himself while you were in charge of the Bureau of Prisons?’ former AG Bill Barr asked.

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Donald Trump’s former Attorney General Bill Barr was spotted on the streets of Austin, where he was confronted by an activist who asked why he bungled the imprisonment of convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

“I appreciate all the work you’ve done,” activist Alex Strenger told Barr, who was on the phone and motioned for him to go away with a hand wave.

“But whatever happened with Jeffrey Epstein and how come he hung himself in his cell when you were the director of prisons?” Strenger asked.

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“Mr. Barr, why did Jeffrey Epstein hang himself while you were in charge of the Bureau of Prisons, and why did your dad hire him to teach at the Dalton school?” Strenger continued inquiring.

The activist was referring to the billionaire pedophile’s former teaching gig in the mid-1970s at the Dalton preparatory school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where Barr’s father Donald Barr served as headmaster.

The New York Times claims it’s “unclear whether Mr. Barr hired Mr. Epstein during that time.”

This wasn’t Bill Barr’s only conflict of interest with the Epstein case.

During his attorney general confirmation hearing in 2019, he was asked whether he would investigate a plea deal made by the U.S. Attorney’s office in South Florida (at the time headed by former Trump labor secretary Alex Acosta) with Epstein that allowed him to essentially walk away scot-free.

Barr admitted his former law firm may have been involved in the case and said he would have to recuse himself from any such investigation.

Despite saying he would recuse himself from an Epstein-related investigation, Barr did not recuse himself from a subsequent investigation in the Southern District of New York (SDNY) after Epstein was re-arrested in July 2019 on federal charges of sex trafficking minors.

Likewise, Barr did not recuse himself from the investigation into Epstein’s death, in which he bizarrely hung himself inside his prison cell.

It was later noted in a book by writer Michael Wolff that Epstein bragged that Bill Barr was actually in charge of the White House instead of former President Donald Trump.

The Daily Beast detailed an excerpt from Wolff’s book, Too Famous: The Rich, the Powerful, the Wishful, the Notorious and the Damned, in which Epstein allegedly told former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak that high-level sources had told him Barr only took the job as former AG for money.

According to Wolff—who reportedly tried to buy New York Magazine with Epstein and disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein—Barak asked Epstein the million-dollar question of who was in charge at the White House. “‘What I want to know from you all-knowing people is: Who is in charge, who is,’ [Barak] said, putting on an American accent over his own often impenetrable Israeli one, ‘calling the shots?’ This was a resumption of the reliable conversation around Epstein: the ludicrousness and vagaries of Donald Trump—once among Epstein’s closest friends. ‘Here is the question every government is asking. Trump is obviously not in charge because he is—’”

Wolff claims that Epstein interrupted the former politico and called Trump—his former playboy party pal—a “moron,” then confided, “At the moment, Bill Barr is in charge.” The pedophile financier continued: “It’s Donald’s pattern…he lets someone else be in charge, until other people realize that someone, other than him, is in charge. When that happens, you’re no longer in charge.”

Barak allegedly pressed, “But let me ask you, why do you think this Barr took this job, knowing all this?”

“The motivation was simple: money,” Epstein replied. “Barr believes he’ll get a big payday out of this … If he keeps Donald in office, manages to hold the Justice Department together, and help the Republican Party survive Donald, he thinks this is worth big money to him. I speak from direct knowledge. Extremely direct. Trust me.”

Thus far, the results of Barr’s investigation into Epstein’s death have not been made public.

With all these weird coincidences, is it possible Barr knows more than he lets on in the mysterious case?

At any rate, it’s good to see his feet held to the fire by citizen journalists unafraid to ask hard questions.