Source: Nworeport

Former Delaware Senate Candidate Lauren Witzke slammed the subversive agents who she believes are corrupting the America First movement for their own gain during a recent appearance on Big League Politics Live.

Witzke pointed to Turning Point USA, led by Charlie Kirk, who she correctly points out was a Ted Cruz supporter in 2016 before realizing that Trump could be his meal ticket. Since then, his organization has been ostensibly pro-Trump but has failed to live up to America First ideals consistently.

“They know that the America First movement, the 2015-2016 Trump movement, it’s a cash cow, and people may not mean what they say but they are able to kind of grift off that messaging for popularity for themselves while doing nothing to actually push that agenda along,” the Tru News show host and Hold the Line PAC founder said.

“And it’s really important now… We don’t need any more infiltrators, any more grifters, any more people that are going to just call out the hypocrisy of the left. We know they’re hypocrites. They know they’re hypocrites. They don’t care. We need people who are going to mobilize, organize and demand action from their elected officials,” Witzke continued.

”We want change. We want America First policy pushed through. We need people that believe in it, support it and will do whatever it takes to make sure it happens,” she added.

Witzke pointed to Turning Point’s invitation of a porno star to the summit as an example of their lack of conservative values. She also talked about their invitation of a prominent RINO to their recent election reform conference too.

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