Posted BY: D. Parker

There is something very troubling going on. First, we noted Eight Startling and Uncomfortable Ways the Democrat Party Emulates the Nazi Party. Then, we added 8 more for a total of 16 disturbing similarities between the two parties. But there are a lot more, with new examples springing up every day and they go beyond just the party to encompass the American left.

We’re doing a shorter list today to properly detail each one of these commonalities.

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It’s almost a relief to be able to dismiss some actions by the fascist far left that don’t fit the criteria for the discussion, since there are so many others piling up. Unfortunately, it’s also very distressing that much of what they are doing is in commonality with their ideological comrades of the National Socialist Workers’ (Nazi) Party.  

This list also shows how one of the main pillars of the left’s big lie falls apart under logical analysis.

1. Big corporations collaborated with the Nazis and now with big business collaborates with the Democrats.

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