Source: SMG News Wire

There’s widespread concern across Arizona after the Fox television affiliate in Phoenix posted a graphic that showed Katie Hobbs, the Democrat, had defeated Kari Lake, the Republican in the gubernatorial race.

There’s just one significant problem — the election is in 12 days.

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“Holy crap,” wrote Charlie Kirk, the co-founder of Turning Point USA.

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The graphic, which you can see for yourself below, shows Hobbs winning with 53 percent and Lake trailing with 47 percent.

“WOAH.. right after my press conference going after the Media. Retaliation,” Lake wrote on Twitter.

Lake was previously a news anchor at Fox 10. She shared screenshots of the graphic on her social media platforms.

Ironically, the television station released a new poll today that shows Lake with an 11-point lead over Hobbs.

Hundreds of social media users wondered if the mainstream media is already preparing for election night shenanigans. And many called for an investigation.

“Impressive they already know the vote totals and everything before the election took place.” one Twitter user wrote. “The fix is in.”

“Here we go — the fraud starts now,” wrote another.