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A producer who worked with Tucker Carlson claims she was “intimated” by Fox News lawyers to give misleading testimony in the $1.6 billion defamation suit brought forth by Dominion Voting Systems over the network’s airing of 2020 election fraud claims. has learned that Abby Grossberg, who joined the network in 2019 on a show hosted by Maria Bartiromo before joining Carlson’s team, filed an amended lawsuit days after filing her initial complaint.

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In the new complaint, Grossberg claimed that she was fired on Friday as retaliation for taking legal action. Last week, Grossberg sued Fox News claiming she was pressured into saying certain things during her deposition in the Dominion case.

Grossberg claimed Fox News’ lawyers persuaded her to downplay the importance of ratings and felt “pressured to respond with a generic ‘I do not recall’” during questioning by Dominion.

“Based on what I understood and took away from the deposition preparation sessions I had with Fox’s legal team which were coercive and intimidating,” Grossberg said, “I felt that I had to do everything possible to avoid becoming the ‘star witness’ for Dominion or else I would be seriously jeopardizing my career at Fox News and would be subjected to worse terms and conditions of employment than male employees as I understood it.”

Grossberg said she believed the network then attempted to make her the scapegoat in the lawsuit.

The former Fox News worker wrote in the new filing that she has become increasingly suspicious of their intentions after lawyers canceled her initial deposition in the Dominion battle just hours before it was scheduled to happen.