Posted BY: Lewis Dovland

When it comes to the Biden document scandal, Fox News, as the opposition media, should not be banging the same gong that the leftist media outlets are striking with fervor. And yet it is. That’s not good news.

President Biden’s days as a politician are numbered, not because some confidential documents were ‘discovered’ in suspicious circumstances, but due to the “Big Picture.” If you want to understand what is going on, start with the result the leftist globalists desire and work back to the event at hand. Right now, they want Biden out because he no longer serves their goals.

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For the four years after 2016, Democrats failed to promote anyone who could beat Trump. By 2020, they had no qualified (meaning ‘able to win’) candidates in the wings. They were stuck nominating and sheltering Biden solely to defeat Trump, boosting him in the primaries and through to his victory. Other acts towards Trump’s permanent defeat were the Russia hoax, the two sham “impeachments,” the January 6 committee, and the Mar-a-Lago raid.

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