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FOX News is a shell of its former self.

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier — Last week The Gateway Pundit reported on how FOX News joined the mainstream liberal media cabal and boycotted coverage of the “2000 Mules” documentary.  The movie reveals evidence of the nationwide ballot trafficking conspiracy by Democrats to steal the 2020 presidential election.

To his credit, Tucker Carlson did invite True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht on his top-rated program the day after the premiere of the movie at Mar-a-Lago.

But then last Saturday night election integrity investigator Gregg Phillips, who was a top investigator in the film, told the audience at the “2000 Mules” virtual premiere that FOX’s lawyers are keeping the film off of the channel.  And Dinesh D’Souza later added that FOX News would not allow Catherine Engelbrecht to mention the name of her film in her interview with Tucker Carlson.

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This was such a sad development for FOX News.

Then on Saturday FOX News published a fraudulent list of 5 good things Joe Biden accomplished since coming into office.

The list by FOX News contributor Leslie Marshall includes 5 straight lies.

1.) Infrastructure — Marshall includes this in her list.  Congress passed this bill.  Nothing has been completed since the bill passed.  AND the “infrastructure bill” does not include ANY new border wall to protect the US from the millions of annual illegal invaders or tons of illegal drugs entering the US under Joe Biden.

2.) Economic Gains?  – This complete lie was allowed on FOX News.  Since Joe Biden entered office the US inflation rate is at its highest level in nearly half a century.  Gas prices are at their highest level EVER.

3.) NATO – Trump bravely forced NATO nations to pay their fair share and fulfill their commitments.  Joe Biden has provided military assistance to Ukraine putting the US at the brink of World War III.  Leslie Marshall believes this is a good thing.

4.) Lowering Child Poverty Rate – This is built on a false premise.  Incomes were at a record high and poverty reached a record low under President Trump.  That was the Trump record before the China virus hit.  Marshall knows this.

5.) Diversity at All Costs — Joe Biden prides himself on diversity over capability and accomplishment.  This is nothing to brag about and the country is suffering because of this.

FOX News should be ashamed for publishing such outrageous propaganda.  What an embarrassment for a once-great news channel.