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A Paris suburb was struck with major violence overnight as residents protested the shooting of a teenager by police, with a major police deployment ready for more anger tonight.

A major police deployment to French cities is planned for this evening, with 2,000 extra officers called out, after a night of violence apparently triggered by the death of a teenager who tried to escape a traffic stop. Violence spread to several French cities and saw a town hall office burnt down.

17-Year-old ‘Naël’ was shot dead by police on Tuesday morning after he attempted to flee a traffic stop in Nanterre, a Paris suburb. Per a report in a French newspaper, Le Figaro police attempted to pull over a delivery driver in a yellow Mercedes breaking road rules, but the suspect refused to comply, started his engine, and tried to drive away, despite an officer having his sidearm barrel pressed against the car windscreen.

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While the vehicle sped away after the officer opened fire, it crashed a short time later. The driver, who according to the report was already known to police for repeated counts of driving without a license and for refusing to comply with traffic stops, was killed in the incident. An investigation has been opened into “intentional homicide” over the incident and the officer placed into custody.

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