Posted BY: Amber Crawford

Stacey Abrams, who in the past has received major backlash for forcing children to wear masks while she goes maskless, was filmed the other day asking a kid to remove his mask for a photograph with her.

In early February, Abrams had to make a public apology for removing her mask while visiting an elementary school where everyone else in attendance was forced to wear their masks.

At a recent event, Abrams called a kid out from the audience for a photograph. She asked him to remove his mask, then laughed and said “I’ve had a little bit of trouble taking [photos] with kids with masks on.”

After apologizing to the public for taking her mask off while others keep them on in the past, the supposedly pro-mask Democrat seems to have assumed that her hypocritical masking habits were now hidden from the public eye.

Following the logic of the Left, Abrams is risking the life of the child for the sake of her precious photo op.