The Chairman has so much hope

30 minutes later it’s dead

Chairman offers apology for last-minute changes to climate deal

Britain’s president of the COP26 climate conference, Alok Sharma, said on Saturday he was “deeply sorry” for how the gathering concluded with last-minute changes on the wording about coal.

Switzerland Expresses ‘Profound Disappointment’

Switzerland’s envoy Simonetta Sommaruga received a long ovation when she expressed their “profound disappointment” at last-minute changes to the Glasgow Climate Pact. The final version of the broad document kept contentious proposals despite last-minute pushback from China and India — two of the world’s biggest emitters.

That included language on reducing coal and fossil-fuel subsidies and coming back by next year with new climate targets. Most notably, India proposed shifting the language from a commitment toward “accelerating efforts towards the phase-out of unabated coal power” to instead supporting a “phase down unabated coal power.”

India’s last minute objection